Excavating Contractor Regina, SK

Your Local Excavating Contractor in Regina is here to connect you to the most qualified experts in excavations, building tear-downs, and overall land care like grading,  land clearing, septic tank installation and Foundation Repairs.

Excavating Services:

Over the course of any construction project, big or small, it is important to care for the land around you before and after a project wraps up. We find you the most qualified land experts for residential tasks like sidewalk shoveling, parking lot plowing, and Construction clean up, as well as the bigger scale tasks like land remediation and reclamation, worksite snow plowing, and snow clearing for city streets and common areas. We also use mini excavator.

  • Snow Removal and Ice Removal
  • Land Rehabilitation
  • Site Clean-ups
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    Why Choosing Regina Excavating Contractor?

    We will connect you with an amazing Excavating Contractor for all of your residential and commercial construction projects, including the large-scale ones involving demos, slab removals, concrete pouring, or excavations. Our high quality excavation services can be used for residential or commercial projects, and include major equipment. Some common excavation projects we are trained and experienced with include:

    Residential And Commercial Excavating Contractor

    Residential Excavating Company

    Residential: Regina Excavating is an Excavating Company that take complete care of your smaller and bigger projects, we have different size equipment for all kinds of work around your pond and your house. Some of the common home construction projects we assist with include driveway Excavation and Slab Removal, pond excavation and removal, sidewalk/patio pouring, or sidewalk slab removal, house/garage/shed Demolitions, pool excavations, and safe wall and fireplace removal. Maybe you are looking to open up a room with wall removal or partial demolitions to interiors, or you’re in the market for a new driveway, patio or sidewalk to spruce up your exterior. Even in the case of complete demolition and infill, we can bring these professionals to you to help with a variety of specific home construction projects. Let us be your best excavating contractor in Regina!

    Municipal and Civic: We are experienced in setting up trained professionals for all types of government and city projects such as road work, design and construction, sewer maintenance, paving, asphalt pouring and concrete pouring.

    Commercial Excavating Company

    Commercial projects are generally bigger and the size of work ensue bigger equipment. We’ve got dozers, excavators, trenchers, and slingers to satisfy your commercial needs. We are certified and insured to work on those bigger construction projects such as the demolishing of entire buildings, excavations for basements, buildings, and pools, sewer maintenance and updating, and Site Clean Up. Today, many industrial, oil, and gas companies are legally required to restore the land on which they work or extract, so we can offer land remediation and reclamation in addition to the other construction work. This allows us to connect you with all trades which you’ll need to get the job done.  We provide a wide array of Excavating Services!

    Excavating Contractor Near Me
    Excavating Contractor Near Me
    Excavating Contractor Near Me

    Septic Tank Installation Regina, SK

    The Septic Drain Field is a part of the sewage system which contains waste discharge that comes from the pipe connecting the septic tank. 

                     A comprehensive sanitation consists of an effective sewage system with septic tanks and septic drain fields together with its pipe fittings completes the entire sewage system. The leach field or leach drain is the other term for septic drain field. It is the location placed underground to support the cleaning and purifying of waste water disposal that comes from the household drains.

    The Importance of Sewage Tank and Drain Field

                      Household sewage is composed of water. Almost 80% of the waste water is made up of using the bathroom, kitchen and wash area. As we cook, clean, drink, wash dishes, laundry and flush the toilet, we use water and the process of eliminating the waste takes place in the septic system.

                      Solid waste of the household sewage made up the entire 20%. It is the feces, urine, food waste, garbage bits, detergents, soaps and other cleaning agents. The inorganic waste are the solid components made by the trash of paints, borax, house cleaners and other chemicals.

                       Our septic sewage is a known place of sewage water. Sewage water is made up of gray water and black water. The gray water is the non-polluting waste water from the kitchen sink, bath tub, laundry and wash area. Flushed water from the toilet is the black water. These are the best terms for septic sewage when knowing the basics.

    Septic Tank And Pipelines

                       The Septic system is created with gravity. All pipe connections from the main house drainage directing the sewage line going to the Septic Tank and drain field must be kept tightly sealed. We can serve a lot of household leaving in the surrounding Regina. We consider ourself a well versed Excavating Contractor and can do it all!

                        Most septic tanks are air tightly sealed containers positioned within the required given grade level in the ground. Most septic tank designs are weightless and tightly enclosed for pipelines fittings. This watertight tank is connected to two sewer lines. One sewer line connection is located to the inlet and the other is connecting the leach field.

             Sewage System Design
                        The sewage system design should be precise according to the actual computation of daily water waste flow. It is to regulate the daily and peak days proper disposal of water waste flow patterns. The septic tanks are usually certified high grade products and sold by certified manufacturers. Strict compliance to septic sewage system regulations are the best adherence to comply with. All manufacturers and contractors are equipped with their own licenses as well as guidelines to follow in order to procure safety sanitation required by the approved government agencies.

    Septic Tank Installation Near Me

    Trenching Digging

    When it comes to Trench Digging, Regina Excavating is the name you need to know. We’re not your average Joe with a shovel. We’ve got the skills, the experience, and the equipment to tackle any trenching job, big or small. From residential projects to commercial developments, we are trenching right! 

    But it’s not just about digging a hole in the ground. It’s about precision, efficiency, and getting the job done right the first time. We take pride in our work, and we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. So if you’re in need of some top-notch trenching services, look no further than Regina Excavating. 

    Foundation Repair Regina, SK

    When it comes to foundation repair, Regina Excavating is the name you can trust. We know that a strong foundation is the key to a solid structure. That’s why we use cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your foundation is stable and secure.

    Need a Full Lift or a simpler Interior Basement Repair? We can fix with both methods.

    At Regina Excavating, we understand that foundation issues can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we strive to make the repair process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We will work closely with you to assess the damage, develop a customized repair plan, and provide you with a detailed estimate.

    Foundation Repairs Near Me

    Snow Removal, Regina, SK

    The Canadian winter are rarely in breeze in the Saskatchewan plain and Regina is no exception. We can snowplow all your commerces parking lots and roads nearby with our reliable equipment. We can add salt or sand at your request while you are at home watching the game!  Relax over the winter knowing someone is taking care of important snow clearing and keeping your property safe for everyone. In our region, it is incredibly important to stay on top of when the snow and ice are building up, so we can connect you with professionals 24/7. Our snow, ice and winter services include:

    • Residential Snow Removal for townhome or condo parking lots, alleyways, and residential sidewalks; 
    • Industrial for oilfield job sites, warehouse lots and loading areas, or yards;
    • Salt spreading on large and small surfaces alike; 
    • Commercial clearing for shopping centres, plazas, strip malls, or sports complexes.; and,
    • Civic/municipal areas for city-owned snow removal and plowing on roads, sidewalks and in parking lots.

    Land Rehabilitation

    Includes two major components: remediation and reclamation. 
    Although quite similar in terms of their goals and outcomes, they are two slightly different techniques aimed at restoring the soil, the air, the water and all the pieces necessary to our ecosystems.

    What is Land Reclamation?
    This involves making all the physically necessary changes to the land, terrain, and soil from which resources were extracted- by doing this, we are making the land usable once again. It all comes down to leaving it how we found it.

    Excavation Companies Near Me
    Excavation Services Near Me
    Basement Repairs Near Me

    ​What is land remediation?

    This involves the removal of certain contaminants from soil or water, as well as the stabilization of any chemicals or contaminants left behind after extraction. This process allows water to be potable again, allows soil to be ready for growth, and can prevent serious injury or harm to people and animals.

    These two services work together to help lessen the impact of all construction and Excavation work on our planet, the air we breathe, and the water we need to survive. All of our environmental experts are fully-trained, certified, educated, and insured. 

    Land Reclamation Services
    Land Remediation Services

    According to Alberta Energy Regulators and the Environmental Enhancement and Protection Act: requires oil and gas companies in Alberta to restore all land used for resource extraction back to a productive state. 

    Demolition Services

    If you have a structure to cut down, we possess the equipment to flat it down. We work quickly and efficiently while we leave your space with emphatically not a solitary junk to be seen. Our high quality excavation and demolition services include a start-to-finish approach that enables you to hire professionals to begin the destruction while ensuring all land and lot clearing is complete and all safety protocols are in place.  Concrete, drywall, rocks, wood, organic debris, and all other waste are guaranteed to be removed upon completion.

    • House, garage, shed tear-downs
    • Partial or interior demolitions
    • Large building demolitions
    • Site clean up and debris removal

    Road Construction

    We work with municipal and provincial governments and all types of contractors to provide professional grading, paving and clearing. We’re are as committed to safety as we are to quality road work; view some of this work below:

    Retaining Wall Regina, SK

    The region land is every so often uneven. It routinely requires holding dividers. Soils are not commonly 100% stable. With each situation we can build sides with supports prior risking an undesired mudslide. It’s a well worth the endeavour. We can definitely create this unique structure that security for you. We work on all kinds of Retaining Wall , Boulder Wall, Timber Walls, Gravity Walls, We know them all!

    On all services, we offer the start-to-finish approach, meaning we are able to send you multiple excavating contractors for all kinds of construction and land care jobs.

    Many of these projects often work in conjunction with one another, or one project will require the other, so if you are unsure of which types of contractors you’ll need, or where to find them, then give us a call! We can connect you to all the professionals and equipment it takes to get it all done- whether it’s in your home or place of business.


    We Craft Elegant Solutions With Powerful Technology

    Each and every unearthing venture emerges particularities of its own, we approach persistently every singles activities performed to finish the entirety of our tasks. Correspondence among the executives and field workforce is consistent at each second vital. That is the reason our group is more grounded than all the people included independently. We comprehend the group idea and correspondence factor each and every day. Regina Excavating work continually with exclusive requirements of ourselves.


    Our Customers First

    We are a Premium Excavating Company and give you exact arrangement for your undertaking; what it requires for labor and machinery including an exact course of events. A strategic be basic in structure however complexed on the field. In any case, we ensure you know precisely each progression of the procedure, since we realize you are the most notable individual to serve each and every time.

    We are committed to the safety of all of our customers and extend that beyond our usual work while under the new normal. Our professionals and technicians will follow all necessary social distancing and AHS health protocols while performing our work to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    We Promise You The Best

    Regina Excavating has been working in the area for a very long time! Our team of Excavating Contractor includes experienced individuals at the head of the chain and only recruits skilled workers at each and every level. We have an high expectation for safety and for keep up our machinery in supreme condition. Our group works very well together, conveying extraordinary achievements is our obsession! All our office and  site personal is extremely dedicated to completing projects to an immaculate and professional finish.. It makes us strong and unique!

    Call Your Local Excavating Contractor Today

    Regina Excavating have been a professional a reliable source for residential and commercial work for the city area. We surrounds ourselves with highly skilled workers. Our team is greater than the sum of our parts. We are personable, friendly and pretty dam good at what we do and that’s why you should take the time to Call Us and verify this on your own. Let our company take care of your projects, you won’t be disappointed.