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Snow Removal Regina, SK

This is an essential service in our northern climate for any and all property owners. The dangers of uncleared snow and ice buildup can cause major safety risks to pedestrians, drivers, patrons, workers, and children at play. And these jobs can grow quite quickly: blizzarding snowfalls can come suddenly or unexpectedly, and all across Alberta, they can produce huge amounts of snow, and they leave behind dangerous ice and slush. But this means these jobs can be big, daunting, and time consuming. Our ‘round-the-clock snow removal services respond as quickly as possible and make sure all snow and ice are removed and out of your way in a timely fashion, and to make sure you don’t injure your back trying to clear heavy snow. Call Regina Excavating for Prompt Service!

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    We connect you to snow removal professionals, who are available 24/7, to help with all types of snow and ice clearing: 

    • Residential for townhome or condo parking lots, alleyways, and residential sidewalks; 
    • Industrial for oilfield job sites, warehouse lots and loading areas, or yards;
    • Salt spreading on large and small surfaces alike; 
    • Commercial clearing for shopping centres, plazas, strip malls, or sports complexes.; and,
    • Civic/municipal areas for city-owned snow removal and plowing on roads, sidewalks and in parking lots.

    Delaying the removal of snow and ice causes liability issues for you as a business owner, but more importantly, ice and snow buildup are a serious safety risk and can cause serious injury and harm. Act fast and contact us to be connected with technicians who will help keep that safety risk at a zero. These services are typically available from October to April each year, but as we have seen before, you may need these services in September or May. Contact us anytime the bad weather hits, and we’ll find someone to get the snow out of your way.

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