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You may be unsure about how to install a septic tank in your home. As a Recommended Septic Tank ContractorRegina Excavating will show you the different types of  tanks and how much it costs to install one. It is crucial that Septic Tank Installation be done correctly. Here are some guidelines we follow to ensure a stress-free and smooth installation. A key element is to keep sharp edges and other potentially dangerous objects out of the septic tank when you are working.

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    There are steps when installing a septic system in rural areas that all Septic Tank Contractor should respect.. First, contact an inspector. An inspector will inspect the installation to ensure compliance with local health regulations. To avoid any health violations, the inspector will recommend steps you can take. These are the steps for installing the septic tank.  If you don’t know one, Regina Excavating can refer reputable inspector. 

    We will prepare the soil for installation. To ensure drainage, a minimum of one inch of washed stones should be placed beneath the septic system. Regina Excavating follow all local regulations. We must also install a plastic distribution box that can be used as a lateral to multiple draining fields. After the tank has been installed, we must await the inspection by the health department.

    What TYPE OF SEPTIC TANK Should I Use?

    We usually use concrete or steel . Concrete and steel are strong but can easily crack or leak water. Both fiberglass and polyethylene tanks cost less than steel and are lighter than steel. They are however more susceptible to damage during installation, especially if water tables are high. It is important to ensure that the tank is structurally sound before installing it. These tanks have their pros and cons.
    Cluster septic systems can be used to treat multiple buildings or houses. Multiple pipes are connected to a large septic tank. The soil microorganisms treat the wastewater and return it to the groundwater. There are many types of septic systems depending on the size and composition of the tank. We have more information about septic systems. Remember to seek professional advice regarding your home’s septic systems.

    Cost And Maintenance

    Septic Tank Repairs are not inexpensive. Repair costs range from $600 to $3,000. While minor repairs may cost $500 to $1,500, more serious work could cost up to $5,000. Repairs can include tank replacement, line replacement or drain field rejuvenation. The type of tank lid that you have will determine the cost of fixing a septic tank cover. Concrete lids are the most expensive, but they can crack easily. However, fiberglass-reinforced plastic lids are durable and will last longer than concrete.
    Baffle repairs can run from $300 to $900. Baffles prevent Sewage from backing up in pipes and are an essential part of a septic system. Baffles can be damaged and need to be repaired. Minor damage can be repaired, but most baffles will need to be replaced. Your tank will be back in service once this has been completed. The most likely cause is a blocked pipe or tank. 

    Alternative Septic System

    You may need to install an alternate septic system if you have a low water level. This type of system can be installed within 2 feet of your water table. Pumps are used to transport wastewater to the leach fields in pressure distribution systems. They move wastewater more quickly than gravity and allow water to be processed and cleaned faster. Although these systems aren’t the same as septic tank, they are equally effective.
    A licensed operator must maintain your septic system in order to ensure that it is properly treated and costs minimally. They can help reduce the chance of system failure and provide peace of mind for the owner. Installing an alternative Septic Tank System requires that you follow the manufacturer’s Operation and Maintenance Manual and have your system inspected annually by a licensed operator. You and the licensed maintenance professional can ensure that your system functions properly by signing an annual contract

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    Advantages of a Septic Tank

    A septic tank has its own filtration system, which is one of the biggest advantages. You don’t need to rely on the city sewer system to dispose of your waste. A septic plumber can inspect your plumbing and diagnose any problems on the spot.
    The septic system is better for the environment. Public sewage systems can be backed up, bringing in pathogens from the entire community. A failure will not affect any property that has been contaminated. This prevents extensive damage. A septic tank can also save money. You can get a quality system that will last a lifetime for a small amount of money.

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    If you are thinking about replacing your old septic tank or simply repairing you damaged septic tank, Regina Excavating is ready for your call. We’ll be there to assess your problem carefully and give you the best advice, outcome, possible the remedy the issue! Call us today to get your free estimate and see how we can handle your situation!